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Config? undetected? questions
06-Mar-19, 16:12

I was member in the past and i keep very very good opinion about this cheats, its perfect for my playstyle.

Is it untedected for a long time and will be?
there is/are a good config for a good RCS and a bit of aim-assist?

Other questions:
CSGO its free, can i create infinity accounts and associate it with faceit unlimited times until i get a good rank on faceit before they requiere me faceit AC? (like level 8-10)

Thanks and i will be waiting for the answer!
06-Apr-19, 20:05
I think faceit recuires prime ? but yea You can create multiple accounts (i did today) using public cheats almost instaban And this is not detected What i have read im thinkin to test this cheat !

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