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Cheat updated for newest csgo update on the 22.09.2021

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My Honest Review -- 8/10 -- Good but...
05-Oct-2019, 02:05 PM
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I tested Hexui for a long time with different accounts, i can release my honest review now.

Aimbot: 6/10
Trigger Bot: 8/10
RCS: 8/10
Sound Esp: 9/10
Security: 9/10
Launch Method: 8/10
Support: 8/10
Price: 9/10

Total: 8

-- Aimbot --
Probably, the unique negative point of Hexui. The Aimbot works, but Silent Aim missing!
The Aimbot just grabs your crosshair and puts it on the body part you choosen when you
click the choosen button. But without the silent aim, it is superfluous. Let me explain;
In a classic situation, if you are aiming at 5 cm of enemy' head, you will miss the head shot.
Using Hexui Aimbot in the same situation, when you shoot at 5 cm of enemy' head...
you will miss the head shot! Exept if you use a rage settings. This happens because aimbot
follows the aiming pattern to the enemy head WHILE you are pressing the aimbot button.
So, if you are aiming at 5 cm of enemy' head you will miss the first shot, then, the aimbot
will move the crosshair to head. But if enemy is running, you probably will miss all the shoots
using legit settings. Pls HEXUI add a silent aim feature.

-- Trigger Bot --
Fast and Legit. Works good, nothing to say. Even with extreme legit settings you will never miss the target.

-- RCS --
My fav. feature. RCS works pretty good, seems perfect legit. Good job Hexui!

-- Sound Esp --
Works Perfect. Legit and Functional.

-- Security --
Never been banned in 2 years.

-- Launch Method --
No driver to install or other shits. Just launch and cheat.

-- Support --
Good support about the admins. I really like Stripe to pay!
You can also find a reseller.

-- Price --
Best price out there!

-- Total --
Hexui is suitable both for legit and rage gameplay. Hexui offers a solid cheat with low detection ratio, good support and nice features.
Too bad for the aimbot, that can be still improved a lot.
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05-Oct-2019, 08:43 PM
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Silent aim = your aim flicks to enemy head, you won't see it though, only enemy's will see your rage behaviour and you'll be ow banned asap. Therefor we do not have silent aim, we are a legit cheat, not a rage cheat. Silent aim might be added if I one day add a rage cheat.

The aimbot can still aim after you don't have the aimkey pressed, if you use the setting aimtime.
The aimbot will indeed be able to follow players running, because we are using time-based smoothing, which nobody else is, and we have movement prediction aswell.
Most aimbot's uses smooth by division, which means they will never catch up to the players position when they are moving.
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