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cheat updated for new game update, sorry for the delay, wasen't aware there was a game update before 2 days after.
22-Oct-19, 08:12
Hey, i paid with Creditcard yesterday, after a long time i'd want to buy it again.
But somehow it charged 10,and then again 15€, both time i've been chosen the 25€ subscribtion.
Could you guys check it out?
22-Oct-19, 11:12
what is the last 4 digits in your credit card?
Then I can refund you, seems like there is some problem with buying without being logged in.
22-Oct-19, 12:41
I do not really want a refund, just my 3 Months Tongue
22-Oct-19, 12:44
(22-Oct-19 12:41)xjprincess Wrote:  ***
I do not really want a refund, just my 3 Months Tongue

oh sorry, didn't realise this was pre-sale, next time post in payment issues. since posts are visible here. I removed the 4 end digits, as fast as I could.
I'll refund you, so you can re-buy, cause re-distrubuting the payment into a 3-months sub, is really problematic database work and I have to get my accountance to fix the vat for germany and such also.
22-Oct-19, 15:43
Will do, and thank you!
22-Oct-19, 16:39
(22-Oct-19 15:43)xjprincess Wrote:  Will do, and thank you!

great, they are refunded, but might take 1-3 days to be transfered back
18-Mar-20, 06:14
Hi Menalix, i wanted to ask you something about another game, hmu when you are available.
Or add me on Discord
ග towerofpower#2012

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