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any sale
08-Nov-19, 20:10
do u plan any sale for exclusive/lifetime group ? or if there is more old "premium" with 1 year sub
08-Nov-19, 22:22
I sell exclusive regularly on request, exclusive is 1-year subs. Since we did a renaming, lifetime is now just called lifetime, and we dont sell lifetime.
08-Nov-19, 22:22 (This post was last modified: 08-Nov-19 22:23 by jLOL.)
//menalix is usain bolt
08-Nov-19, 22:24
(08-Nov-19 22:22)jLOL Wrote:  Yes you can purchase exclusive (1 year) lifetime is not purchasable though. And im not sure but I think you'll have to have an active sub before you can buy the 1 year.

ye and active sub, or eventually used to have an active sub. as long we have gathered some usage logs, which can be used to judge the trust of person, then exclusive can be sold.
09-Nov-19, 01:59
ok thanks for answer ,i will come back
09-Nov-19, 04:31
Oh and it's 80 eur, and a 2-year sub.
09-Nov-19, 09:25
(09-Nov-19 04:31)Menalix Wrote:  Oh and it's 80 eur, and a 2-year sub.

ifu wanna sell this tell me here i wanna talk with u

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