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Cheat updated for newest csgo update on the 22.09.2021

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Honest Review
12-Nov-2019, 09:12 AM (This post was last modified: 12-Nov-2019 09:21 AM by 31100.)
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First of all, I want to say that the hack looks very secure and I like it because I used it several times on my main account.
My review will be fully honest so don't be surprised if I sound harsh, because I bought it so I'm able to say any thought, as long as it's fair and true (to me).

1. I've disabled aimbot, no matter the config I use it's blatant from any good player, except when it's setup to a very low assist then it looks "legit" in GE scene, which is far from what aimbot is supposed to do (no silent aim and so on), and sometimes it doesn't work at all, reason of why I only use glow.

2. I really don't like the fact that glow does only have ONE color, it would've been way better to have <visible> and <invisible> glow colors, just like most of providers. Because of that, it's really hard to be legit on Overwatch, the reason is simple, the movements I do would be more natural if I don't move my crosshair to a player's position as long as his color doesn't switch to visible (eg green).
Having a single color makes it really annoying when players are behind boxes / smokes / doors / corners / etc. Due to this annoying part I do turn on and off the glow with mouse5 oftenly and always for one second, so my crosshair movements would look natural when an ennemy becomes visible.

3. I don't like the fact that you don't seem to care about suggestions, there's no subforum for it, and believe me or not but I really enjoy your product, yet I feel like you don't give a crap of any suggestion, as I did PM you twice about point 2 and you didn't reply, which means you aren't going to do it, tho you could've answered even to just say no instead of ignoring...

4. I really like the sound feature of the hack, because it does help when I do disable the glow (because I have to disable it due to point 2), most of my kills are done by the sound feature.

5. The price is a lil bit too expensive for the features you propose, I know another provider which gives more than 700 features and undetected since 2015 and does cost less than hexui. Yet the reason of why I did buy hexui is because the website is a lil bit "private", which increase the security part.

6. I clearly love the injection part, it's easy and clean, the external is spoofing another program from the prompt so it looks legit to steam. This is a very good quality and only a very few providers do have an external which can be injected without touching BIOS options and so on, it's as simple as 1+1.
Download => extract => rename => run as admin => delete => open steam.

7. I rly like your honesty, unlike most (actually all) providers. When I did post my pre-sale thread I didn't even want to buy your product because I thought you'd bullshit me, and yet you did taught me more about cheating scene than I knew from your answer, such as lies spread by other providers about security and stuff. For this reason I did buy it and I'll probably renew my subscription, but idk yet, it'll all depend about glow part because I rly don't enjoy playing with one color only, especially against GE players. So I'll be checking the forum day after day and see if you'll add visible and invisible options to your glow feature.

8. Cloud system is probably the best thing ever made, I'm not a dev and tell me if I'm wrong but I guess this is security related, so the hack is getting injected by the cloud instead of by our computers, to have no trace at all of the injection.

9. FaceIt mode, this feature is here to be able to cheat on any faceit server, yet I've still no idea if this feature does support other servers which have other anticheat. For eg if I'm joining a SMAC secured server I've no idea if I've to turn on FaceIt mode or not, because it's not explained anywhere and I'd like to know when an anticheat is bypassed by your product or not. A thread was made by me and yet I still don't know if hexui does bypass it, a subscriber told me yes but you didn't, and I never ever trust anyone but the coder himself on cheat scene, for legal reasons, since I've already been tricked off by subscribers on a lot of cheat websites.
As you said, the subscribers are the ones who do know the most about detection, tho I disagree since a cheat can be detected but the player can be lucky and evade a ban for w/e reason and features. Which is why I just don't use the product on platforms which aren't officially supported by you, as long as I don't have a clear answer from you and noone else, I won't use it.

10. This community seems cool unlike many others, it's easy to find mates to play with, tho you should be making a discord server for that, it'd be way easier to talk than having a live chat on the forum. Even regarding support, you'd be able to help your subscribers way faster when they do have an issue due to screensharing option from discord.

Overall I like your product, tho it needs some updates and clearer informations regarding features to prevent any surprise once it's bought, such as only one color for glow.

I rate your product 5/10 so far regarding the features.
I rate it 9/10 regarding the ease to configure it through the cloud, ez and clear.
And I rate it 9.5/10 regarding the security and how ez it is to run it, even a kid could do it, and this is a very good thing.

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12-Nov-2019, 11:18 AM
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1. I'm really unsure about that aimbot statement. It crashing is surely not how things normally is around here.
Whether legit or not, really depends on rcs values and your smooth value. I'm certain you can do legit configs.

2. There is some external and security limitations here in terms of visibility checking. Not being able to select the color is performance and ease of use related.
Our glowesp is 14 lines of code only. Where as most providers spend 60-180 lines of code. At Hexui I like to do things simple, since it creates a smaller data footprint, to keep VAC at bay.

3. Here's the sub-forum for suggestions:
Which have existed like forever.

4. Gald to hear that.

5. Website privacy doesn't increase security. Unless we were unknown to Valve, which we are not. Hexui doesn't have many features because we are external, and their is a limit to what you can do without the use of direct memory access like an internal cheat.

6. I think most cheats in general doesn't use injection before steam opens, making the vulnerable to image on disk checks.

7. Proper vischecks might be implemented in the future, but with an option to choose not to have it included in the module, since it require lots of non-manipulative code, which highens risk of getting detected.

8. Well you are wrong, that would be impossible inject another process with a webpage through a browser, unless there was some very seriously exploit and it would be very illegal to misuse it to load data onto people's pc's without a consent.

9. In general it's only for faceit, since faceit have a wierd mouse data check on the usercmd packets, which actually leads to false bans, which is why faceit are the only ones doing, because nobody else wants false bans.

10. Discord doesn't allow cheating communities on their platform sadly.

When new cloudconfig system is out in December/January, I'll start doing lots of video documentation on Hexui's features and how to use Hexui.
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