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Additional feature and HWID resets
29-Nov-19, 19:30
So I was planning on buying the cheat today but relized that it said "There's no extra feature available for selected package" but in the top right it says "Additional feature: Glow ESP".
I know it's kind of a stupid question but I just want to make sure as I do not want to spend 19 euro on the cheat if it does not have ESP.

My second question is about the "Unlimited free HWID resets". Does this mean that I could reset my HWID at any time, how ever many time I want or will there be a cooldown period after a curtain amount of uses?
30-Nov-19, 17:02
1.Have esp
1. Every time you reset hwid, it will freeze for 6 hours
30-Nov-19, 17:51
Alright, thanks

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