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01-Dec-19, 09:22
Is it only working on faceit server side or is there any options like sound esp working on faceit ac?
01-Dec-19, 13:10
TBH. This should be a feature if not now then very soon.
01-Dec-19, 15:26
only server-side, there's no public pay cheats who support faceit ac.
04-Dec-19, 08:40
How come? Hard to bypass?
05-Dec-19, 08:47
(04-Dec-19 08:40)exodok Wrote:  How come? Hard to bypass?

No, but adapting fast. There's always way around, but faceit is an active anti-cheat. Having many hours of work, patched with 1-day or something is a waste of work, and if it even get your customers banned from faceit it's even worse.

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