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Updated input hook, to prevent it from crashing (9/7-2024)
Banned for no reason on
04-Jan-20, 13:49 (This post was last modified: 04-Jan-20 17:41 by dark_effect.)
04-Jan-20, 13:56
@division can you help ?
04-Jan-20, 15:11
Write in Ban Appeals forum, not here.
04-Jan-20, 17:05
monkeys i already write but here is bad support ... i get banned on account since 2017
04-Jan-20, 17:27
Please, stop making from urself pathetic kid spammin shoutbox all day and crying about ban or other cheat related fact u are just toxic 30years old guy
04-Jan-20, 17:39
@monkeyS i can come to you and something LIVE i dont care... and who SPAM shoutbox ? READ all my messages OK then write about KID ...
04-Jan-20, 21:35
You haven't made any ban appeal. we answer ban appeals in less than 24 hours.
If you have been banned 3-years ago, I have nothing against you making a new user.

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