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cheat updated for new game update, sorry for the delay, wasen't aware there was a game update before 2 days after.
Full, Comprehensive Review
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Hexui CS:GO Software and Forum Review

Hello, I would like to write a review for hexui CS:GO because I have had on-off subscriptions here since mid 2017 and have quite strong opinions on the product. My tl;dr will be at the end.

Recent Improvements
Before I get into the review, I would like to mention the sheer amount of work that Mena and Division have been putting in recently. They have been putting an unbelievable amount of effort into impoving the product recently and I can see it - they've been taking the things that made many dislike this product and are actively tweaking it so it is an enjoyable process to use. A big thank you to them as in the past, it hasn't really been as good as this.

Cloud Settings v3
Most people have only used internals before as they saturate the market due to their nature of having tons of features. However, in externals, it is very difficult to get a menu with the game in fullscreen as you would need to make it always on top in Windows, but this doesn't cover fullscreen, and clicking the buttons would make you tab out anyways. Some solutions by others have been to make people edit the configs manually with a text editor, or force users to be in windowed mode. But these things are very inconvenient to customers and being in windowed mode doesn't really work with monitors with high refresh rates. However, at Hexui, they have 2 developers - one for the web and one for the client. This allows them to have sophisticated cloud settings where you can edit settings on everything from your laptop, to the steam browser or a standard browser. This makes it one of the most convenient and best externals to use out there. I have seen some internals with cloud settings before but I don't really see the point in that due to them having full access to the game's memory and could easily make an overlay. One of the main problems I used to have with Hexui was how non-intuitive the cloud settings were and I could never config to my liking. It always really annoyed me that I would either go too blatant or too soft based on me not having my own configs. Honestly, this made me not buy Hexui for a while because I saw alternatives to be better suited to me. Although, they recently recoded the cloud settings so that they are way more user-friendly and I absolutely love them. You can select which weapons you want to apply settings to, meaning you can apply to multiple at once without messing about copying your settings. Even from browsers with unique engines, such as firefox, are usable which is amazing because sometimes that hasn't always been the case. You can apply settings directly from the web in which the cheat client that you have running downloads the new config directly into memory, and lets you know with a beep (if you have the windows sounds enabled). I love the new categorisation of the cloud settings too, how RCS is now completely separate from the aimbot, to emphasise how it is standalone and it just makes the settings look a whole lot nicer. You can also apply RCS per weapon groups, or per weapons or weapon or even apply for all - the same as the aimbot and triggerbot. I think the new cloud settings are the best we have seen and is definitely making me want to buy this cheat more than any other on the market.

Aimbot and RCS
The aimbot was another thing in which I was not sure about on this cheat before. It was because of the RCS and Aimbot rogether looking slightly jittery and inhuman. But now, they have changed it back to the traditional type of aimbot smooth, where RCS is now smoothed with the aimbot, and it looks amazing. Despite having typical limitations of external aimbot systems, this works amazing now and looks very legit. You can make the AWP for example look like slow flicks instead of fast flicks where it just looks like you're naturally moving the mouse to enemies before shooting. I appreciate the effort and design that has gone into this aimbot, especially how you can configure every single weapon and choose standalone RCS for each weapon - which is way better than RCS built into aimbots. I appreciate the weapon configs a lot as in a legit cheat, it is important that you can have different configs for different weapons as obviously the developers have the game have intended for each weapon to be balanced differently and so you need to be able to configure each weapon differently; for example, an sg-553 needs less RCS to look as legit as an AK. You can fluidly spray transfer with no issues whatsoever and the slight aim correction feels like the aimbot helps you more than it does everything for you - something I appreciate lots in cheats as if everything is done for you, what is the point of playing the game in the first place? That is just my opinion however! Mena has done a great job with this and right now, it is one of my favourite aimbots on the market right now.

The triggerbot is very responsive for an external cheat. I feel like I can beat spinbotters with this and it still looks legit. I also adore the ability to customise the settings per weapon as I think that it is important to have different settings - such as no overburst for the AWP or single shot weapons but you want it on for rifles, such as the AK. There is not much to say about the triggerbot, just that it works and it works very well. The only complaint that I have about it is that I would like it to work with FACEIT mode enabled since I am fairly certain it could work considering the Windows sendInput() function also allows mouse clicks to be sent. (But this may not be the case so please do not assume that it is).

Glow ESP
I generally prefer not to use the glow esp. I don't really like how there is no visibility check, and I know why there isn't currently one but I feel like it is a necessary feature for legit play to avoid prefiring people. I can play quite well with walls in general but if there is no check, it ruins the glow for me because my brain will just start shooting them, even if I can't fully or even see them. I like how this feature is no longer a pay feature because before you had to pay extra for it but it's nice that there are no hidden fees for this now. Other than that, it does it's job quite well and I prefer it to chams as you can get used to chams too easily imo. If there was a visibility check, I would use this all the time. Also a customisable color would be nice but honestly, I see why there isn't one. The glow doesn't flicker like many other cheats, which is definitely appreciated.

Sound ESP
Sound ESP is one of my favourite features. It reminds you to focus in on the game when it matters and allows you to mess about with your friends or just have a good time when it isn't active. It's also a really good way of playing on LANs and stuff (which has been possible with Hexui before if you let them know beforehand which is absolutely amazing of them to do since I don't think any other provider would care so much about their customers to do this). I love how subtle it can be for new people who are using it or just someone who doesn't want a full ESP. It is also a very good way of stream-proofing an ESP with a little bit of work (you just need a virtual audio cable), which is otherwise not possible with external cheats that aren't in borderless. I think Hexui is amazing for this feature as it was 100% unique at the time of coding it and Mena was the first to code this in a commercial cheat. I would definitely recommend getting this cheat just for this if you are new to cheating because nobody can tell you have it - it's like a more subtle version of walls that you never knew existed.

Security is a big topic when you come to an external cheat. You are giving up lots of features and convenience at the cost of good security and I do not think Hexui disappoints at all. I am currently studying low level programming (I should just write my own, I know but this is better lol), and I can say all of the security techniques that I currently know are in Hexui are very thorough when it comes to staying safe. I really appreciate the effort gone into keeping the software safe from all it's anti-cheats. And my favourite part is that the coder is very transparent. For example, I asked him a question about a security technique and he gaves me a very educated, and honest answer. I doubt this cheat will be detected in the future due to its low userbase compared to internal cheat users, as Valve wouldn't really waste their time detecting people as low as 300 - especially now that they have VACnet which is just going to exponentially better. As far as the other anti-cheats go, Mena does a very good job at keeping it undetected and even goes as far as getting it undetected on Chinese clients in which takes ages to do since he has to use a VPN - mad respect for the effort here even though I am not Chinese. I use this on accounts I care about because I have trust in the provider and value his honesty. I also appreciate how this is coded in a high level programming language and works better than a lot of low level coded cheats, which is amazing because the performance with this doesn't drop my FPS at all whereas some C++ cheats do. It is also coded tons better than low level cheats so it just shows you that anything can be done with the tools available as long as the coder is experienced enough. I also love how this takes advantage of system processes so it doesn't have it's own process per say - I think this is my favourite and coolest part of the client.

Conclusion (TL;DR)
In conclusion, I recommend this cheat to people who want to cheat on accounts that have value, or people who want to cheat on leagues, or people who just want a good cheat that works. Sure, you won't get as many features as internals, but what you will get is a consistent cheat with 0% downtime mostly (because externals don't need updating as much), a cheat in which is coded by some very knowledgable people and have lots of respect for their customers and clearly value honestly over lies, even if it means losing a sale, and a cheat that has good features. I don't necessarily think it's affordable, especially for what you are getting in terms of features, but if you value good developers, community, and security, its definitely worth it.

I would also like to mention the new features that are going to be implemented as well as Bhop. I didn't mention Bhop / autohop in my review due to it being flawless, no complaints for the bhop Smile . The radar hack will be implemented tomorrow from what I have heard and I don't really have an opinion on radar because it confuses me - for example when an enemy is seen by a teammate but you don't want to shoot him due to him being on the radar and you don't know he has been seen - that's awkward and looks fishy. Noflash is coming too and its more of a rage-like or semi-rage feature than legit so I will not comment on it other than it will probably work as expected. I am personally excited for the skinchanger which is coming but I hope that there will be no bugs for it. For example: most cheats have a problem where the star doesn't show for knives before the name like legit ones do and most knife kills have the wrong knife in the killfeed amongst other problems like incorrect knife animations and incorrect weapon skins on the weapon wheel. I hope these aren't an issue with Hexui.

I would also like someone to help me out on the other new feature that is coming out called 'Aimbot Rotation Assist' because I am unsure of what it does. I imagine it will be like an aimbot curve? I am not sure. I am sorry that I cannot comment on this. If I can edit this thread in the future with a review on it, I will.

Thank You for reading! I hope that if you are considering buying Hexui, that you have made the right choice.
09-Jan-20, 23:18
That's a long write up many thanks, for the nice words.
I do have to say we are not 2-devs at Hexui anymore, it's only me, and then I hire web-devs on freelance basis to accomplish my ideas, when the job is too complicated for me as a desktop-dev. Division tend to be the freelance dev I choose since he knows Hexui inside and out and can offer a great price, but he is not on hire anymore, due to a economically bad last year.
09-Jan-20, 23:37
(09-Jan-20 23:18)Menalix Wrote:  That's a long write up many thanks, for the nice words.
I do have to say we are not 2-devs at Hexui anymore, it's only me, and then I hire web-devs on freelance basis to accomplish my ideas, when the job is too complicated for me as a desktop-dev. Division tend to be the freelance dev I choose since he knows Hexui inside and out and can offer a great price, but he is not on hire anymore, due to a economically bad last year.

Ah ok, thank you for clarifying. And no worries Big Grin
19-Feb-20, 21:14
Nice review!
19-Feb-20, 22:08
(19-Feb-20 21:14)ganjubas Wrote:  Nice review!

thank you!
20-Feb-20, 04:20
Awesome article! stand by!

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