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detection rate?
09-Jan-20, 20:01
been wondering, how many times have hexui been detected? and when was the last detection. Reaally been considering purchasing this cheat Smile
09-Jan-20, 20:28
These days no cheats get detected often but it is important to remember the old detection rate.

In general, it hasn't been detected since January 2017. But I think it was only some trial members that got banned then, so I'd say it was before that when the monthly customers got banned.

Valve don't really wanna do VAC waves anymore since they take time. Nowadays its only features that get banned, and occasionally hooking. Like the last VAC wave was in December and it only affected internal cheats with fakelag and other exploits. Hexui doesn't have any exploits or anything so its all good. The coder puts tons of effort into security. The previous 2 VAC waves before that were also focused on internal hooking. Since Hexui is external, its pretty safe imo. Like Valve would prefer to ban popular cheats that 100k people are using and Hexui is only a few hundred so it doesnt make sense for them.
09-Jan-20, 22:20
oh okay, thats nice to hear. ill probably buy it! thx for the support
09-Jan-20, 23:31
(09-Jan-20 22:20)tobi7647 Wrote:  oh okay, thats nice to hear. ill probably buy it! thx for the support

No worries Heart contact me if you need any help

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