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Updated input hook, to prevent it from crashing (9/7-2024)
[Info] Early 2020 Update on Hexui
05-Mar-20, 15:19
With another cheat update today (05/03/2020) I think it's time to publicly tell about the cheat updates since the last public news.

Our new cloudsettings was released 2 Months ago. Works very great, and we have recieved a lot of positive feedback (thanks!)
There will very soon come a a few design changes to make it perfect.

The update on 02/03/2020 improved the non-stick feauture, and correct a few RCS issues so it's now as perfect it can be for an external cheat.
Aimbot Rotation Assist was added with the release of cloudsettings.

Updated today (05/03/2020)
Knife and Zeus -bot fixed
Revolver change, now uses mouse1, instead of mouse2.
RCS now applies to all weapons who can shoot automatic smg, rifles and pistols when using triggerbot, if pause is set to 0.
Applied proper action button patching

Updated on 13/02/2020 to fix enemies not glowing if you were dead.

Applied proper action button patching

Was implemented with the release of CloudSettings
Updated on 13/02/2020 to fix enemies not appearing on radar if you were dead.

Updated on 13/02/2020 to fix null-pointer crashes, due to some bad value caching.

Cheat works pretty flawless now, so what can you expect from the rest of 2020?

Quote:1. New payment options: AliPay, WebMoney. (PayPal might come back but it might only be temporarily)
2. New news delivery on the website, we will stop doing news here in the forum, both private and public news will be displayed on the main web-page instead.
3. Hitbox Triggerbot, it's time to finally make the Triggerbot perfect.
4. Skinchanger, as most can see, there is a tab for it Cloudsettings.
5. Other games to be added: TF2 and CSS
6. Convert or cheat framework to Mono.
05-Mar-20, 17:35
I am super excited. Thank you for your efforts Mena.

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