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Different Customer Ranks
21-Mar-20, 00:41
Hi Menalix,

I've been a customer for a few years (and I'll admit not as active on the forums), however I am interested to know how to get a higher customer perk and what the differences are in customer rankings?

If you could let me (and the community) know that would be brilliant.

21-Mar-20, 00:56
Premium - Regular subscriber
Exclusive - Sold as apart of a 2 year subscription and only given to trusted members of the community.
Lifetime - Was sold years ago and will not be sold again due to the bad business model.

Exclusive is thought to get some more anti-cheat support soon but we will have to wait and see. The only difference between each group is the amount of members and what kind of members. Each group has a different cheap module algorithm which means the signatures will be nothing alike any other group each time it is randomised upon loading the client.

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