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cheat updated for new game update, sorry for the delay, wasen't aware there was a game update before 2 days after.
I want to publish a scammer website
18-May-20, 03:54 (This post was last modified: 18-May-20 03:56 by Jakipai.)
During the period when 5EWIN could not use HEXUI. I wanted to find a new cheat. So I spent 175 USD on *censored* to buy the cheat. But I did n’t receive any cheat. I searched the site on Google and found Scammer website. I said the purpose of these is to tell everyone to be cautious before buying cheating. I do n’t know if I said that there are any violations? If you violate the rules, please delete them from Menalix. Finally, HEXUI is worthy of your trust.

*censored* is a scammer site
18-May-20, 22:17
Dude I find more scam websites and I lose I lot of money ...
20-May-20, 17:39
*removed by admin*, This is also a website that deceives you to pay, and will not be sent to your client after payment
23-May-20, 01:19
pls dont post names or links to any other cheat websites who scam, in the public section. that will lead them to get better google score, by backlinks or word references. Instead use review websites and private sections, to discourage people in purchasing them.
23-May-20, 08:40
老哥 搞到新挂了吗
23-May-20, 21:49
(23-May-20 08:40)Asskerob Wrote:  老哥 搞到新挂了吗

24-May-20, 14:02
Pls speak english, chinese is not accepted here.
25-May-20, 06:08
(24-May-20 14:02)Menalix Wrote:  Pls speak english, chinese is not accepted here.

If you have time to work, update the anti detection of 5ewin. My 5ewin account is blocked

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