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Cheat is updated and works with newest update.
We have moved server to Sweden due to Sweden being climate friendly, all small hick-ups have been fixed now.
[Info] Hexui V3 released.
22-Jun-20, 00:27
New Hexui has been released. Lots of stuff under the hood have changed.

1. Multi-threading has been improved to prevent crashes, with some better exception management.

2. Hotkey enabled features are now spawned instantly synced with keyboard/mouse buttons. This has decreased input delay with 10-30ms. Which gives the aimbot a much more fluent feel, which feels much like how internal cheats handle stuff.

3. Aimbot, fixed movement prediction being slightly wrong implemented.
Smooth might feel different, so I would recommend you to update, my recommendation is to multiply your original values with 2, and start from there

4. Faceit SS mode has been improved, because it might be useful for 5ewin, and I have made sure any functions which might pose a detection risk, is disabled.

In general this update is a performance upgrade. I think Hexui works great, it just needed its backend re-done for the best possible performance, and I really find it smooth now.
People with lower performing pc's might see even a bigger improvement.

We're doing an update in 1-2 weeks time, which consist of:

1. Fov will be split into two settings: inner fov and outer fov
Smooth will split into two settings: inner smooth and outer smooth
This will make you able to set two smooth settings.

2. The setting "Aim-Once" will be added. Right now aim-once is always enabled when sticky is disabled.

3. Do a hotkey for all visuals, so when you hold it your desired visuals is activated, and deactivated again when not held down, just like Aimbot, Triggerbot and Bunnyhop. It will of course be optional.

4. I'm considering letting you decide the area for when aimbot should disable itself (non-sticky fov) pls leave your opinion, right now it's 15 CM.

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