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Help needed!
23-Jun-20, 01:25 (This post was last modified: 23-Jun-20 01:26 by goodplayer1337.)
Hi, can i please contact to some polish lifetime customer/admin? The bestly people which have very big experience with cheat and are from Poland.
I cant send dms, thats why im posting.
I need help to buy, config and basic help with using this.

Love, goodplayer <3
23-Jun-20, 10:06 (This post was last modified: 23-Jun-20 10:07 by jLOL.)
There is pretty clear instructions on how to use cheat after you've purchased. Feel free to ask anything in our private forum where customers/staff are happy to help Smile.
23-Jun-20, 10:45
Buy config?
Everyone's settings is public so you can steal other users settings, without having to pay
We also have an instruction video on how to get started.
23-Jun-20, 17:24 (This post was last modified: 23-Jun-20 17:37 by goodplayer1337.)
So, Can I take it for LAN? Some Easy tips how to do this? thats why i need help :x

jlol no zlituj sie xD
23-Jun-20, 17:45
yes you can without trouble. windows is completely hidden. I originally made this in 2014 because I needed something for myself to LAN, I then ended up selling it Tongue
BYOC lan is easy, if it's not BYOC though you have to be sneaky with download or usb-key

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