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4 years review of Hexui
23-Jun-20, 14:06 (This post was last modified: 23-Jun-20 14:18 by benber.)
I am on my fourth year on Hexui and so decided to update my review that was posted 4 years ago. Over the years I have witnessed first-hand the improvement and effort Menalix put into making Hexui one of the best legit cheat. (Back then there were no cloud settings and the cheat settings were adjusted by editing some numbers on a notepad stored inside a usb drive)

Aimbot - works pretty well. Fov and smooth can be adjusted as well as the aimbone. (I prefer to set it to closest to crosshair to look as natural)

RCS - Makes you spray like a pro but setting it too high can look unnatural.

Triggerbot - There are features like aftershot time and delay etc to look more legit. I don't particularly use trigger much and I think holding down angles with them makes you look obvious.)

Glow esp aka wall hack - I usually leave it turned off and only toggle it on for a few seconds whenever I need info on where the enemy are going or to rotate/push or 1vX clutch.

Radar - I rely on this the most in mm since I have teammates who don't mic or provide info.

Detection rate: In my four years I have been vac banned once back in 2017. (If I remembered correctly it was due to a Valve rat inside the community or something?) I have enough faith in the security of this cheat now (especially the exclusive build) that I have over $300 worth of skins in my account. Even so, you can never eliminate the possibility of a detection so keep in mind and be prepared.

Overall: Cloud settings is pretty cool and advance imo (not sure about other providers since I stopped all after having found Hexui). Cheat now gets to self-update whenever CSGO has an update. (There was a time when the cheat would be down 12-20 hours in the past whenever CSGO updates because I live in a different timezone from Menalix)

Rating: 10/10. Probably the best legit cheat you can possibly find.
23-Jun-20, 14:27
I highly appreciate your review! thank you
23-Jun-20, 17:00
I can definitely agree with this. I am in a similar situation regarding skins and honestly, I'm not bothered one bit because the security is some of the best available.
26-Jun-20, 22:53
A very nice review! The truth has been spoken!
18-Dec-20, 17:09
Nice review!
16-Jan-21, 09:51
Good to hear, that there are also some guys using it for good and still playing with just info instead of running and rage like a maniac which pisses me off and difficult to keep your cool and not look sus aswell. Thanx for the best cheat ever, wanted to leave csgo because of it getting impossible to play before hexui, all my settings on a legit way set and best is to keep of the wall hack and just toggle on and off to see whether the player is in front or above you. Will buy this for as long as i play CSGO and keep enjoying it. 10 out 10 for Hexui.[/font][font=Arial]DevilDevilDevilDevilDevil

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