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Non existing referrer?
16-Oct-20, 12:56 (This post was last modified: 16-Oct-20 13:04 by VladimirSchutz.)
I have been a long time repeat customer on and off since 2016. whenever i feel like playing csgo i renew my expired subscription. this is my first time using the new payment system "rex" and i must say it is really robust! i love it! the fact you can pay with cryptocurrency is amazing!!

The problem is the system believes i have something in the refferer field and gives me the error i have shown. i am just trying to use my mastercard to pay for the transaction. What's going on?

an unrelated issue i can not change my avatar because i do not have permission to.

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16-Oct-20, 18:46
ty for the report

changing avatar is not possible due to security issues.
16-Oct-20, 20:05
Hey can I add you on discord?
I've sent my discord id in DM Smile

Have issued a fix for this

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