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2016 - 2020 Review
28-Oct-20, 00:33 (This post was last modified: 28-Oct-20 00:39 by stixx.)
Hello guys, i will try all my best to give my review of HeXui from 2016 to 2020. It was long ago when i registered here, we didnt have soooooo many features like now! Please guys, after all of those updates, maintanance, vac ban secured software, like HeXui, we should give a really big THANK YOU to Menalix. I don't really like to mention money and etc, but lol, we have a cheat what costs 28€ for 3 months, isnt really good?

We had only few features like aim, rcs, sound esp and bhop, WE WAS SATISFIED with those features omg. Some of us crying because we don't have that skinchanger. I mean, sorry boy, but isnt better to be undetected? (WE ARE UD FOR 4 YEARS). Sometimes just think about what Menalix truly offers for "nothing".

Please keep in mind, i used just 2 cheats, HeXui and one another, so im comparing to that one. (That cheat was 60€ lifetime, way more features, but nothing special, and its absolutely not a legit cheat!!)

Back in 2016 it was fine, but now.. You can feel what the real aim is, the legit aim. I can't say any shit on HeXui's aim, for me its totally fine, and enough for my legit gaming.
Score: 10/10

To be honest, i always used presets for RCS, never really spend so much time on it, always set it live, because i cant really feel it when playing against bots, lol.
Its a very good thing, worth to spend more time on it if you want a really legit strong spray!
Score: 10/10

Never used trigger, so i can't say anything about it. I never felt that i have to use this kind of feature, because i think it was never been legit, nor if you set it up. You won't get that feel when you press the button and wait, thats not legit. You have to loose to win!

Visual ESP & Sound ESP
Back in 2016 i was really dependent on sound esp, but now its all the time turned off. It always worked perfectly. In so many situation helped my team and me out.
Visual is so good, but THAT IS HARD TO GET YOUR gameplay when its turned on! I can say it is a challenge for YOURSELF to make it invisible, but not impossible when you know the whole map and know where to aim!

I should recommend some features, like bomb esp, timer and etc, maybe weapon esp.
Score: 10/10

Movement [BHOP]
It was fine and it is now too! 1-2 hops and you are on your spot!Smile
Score: simple 10

Thank You if you checked my review of HeXui. Im really satisfied with it and you?

At the end i want to say a Thanks to Menalix one more time. Thanks for your time what you put in this software.
29-Oct-20, 01:27
Yeah, huge thanks to Menalix. Totally agree with this review. Big Grin
29-Oct-20, 15:43
Thank you very much.

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