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cheat updated for new game update, sorry for the delay, wasen't aware there was a game update before 2 days after.
Why go external instead of internal?
01-Nov-20, 07:36 (This post was last modified: 01-Nov-20 07:43 by BritishCookie.)
Hey there! I just wanted to ask what the advantages and disadvantages of going external instead of internal is.
btw I can't change my pfp, says I do not have permission Sad
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A lot of third party anti cheats target internal cheats as they are used by most people and cause the most disruption (with features such as anti-aim), so by using external, it looks more natural to even vac, as even legitimate processes such as obs do the same thing with a handle to the process.

External isn't necessarily more secure than internal, it depends on the way it's done, but in Hexui's case, it compliments the security very well.

You can't edit the profile picture regarding security (I think), only customers can do that.

I hope this helps Smile
08-Nov-20, 05:04
Sorry for answering this a bit late.
In general externals are safer than internals. Because of two reasons, first: internals are internal BUT they need an external injector, so they'll always at minimum be on pair with externals. Externals are executing asynchronous outside of the game. We cannot call functions residing in the game process or do hooks. Which has some great use-case scenarios. It's especially needed for visual drawing, where we can hook dx lib functions like "EndScene" so we don't render visuals more than necessary which could heavily affect fps, or create "flickering" as we aren't rendering synchronized with the game's render queue.
That also concludes the second reason, the idea to be internal is to do more, when you do more, you get more attack vectors, and just as you can do more to the game process because you are internal, the game process or anti-cheat residing within, can also do more to you.
It's very easy to see if an internal cheat is intercepting your code, as an external cheat you won't be intercepting any code, but listening from outside.

You could interpret as if you were to stalk someone. You would have a higher chance of getting "detected" if you went his/her house inside to stalk, but you would prolly also gain more from it, whereas if you were outside you wouldn't gain as much but have a lesser chance of getting "detected".

With that said though, security really comes down to the developer, you'll see many retarded coders whether internal or external who doesn't know what they are doing.
But if you take two developers with the exact same skill set, one make an external cheat and the other an internal cheat, the external will probably be safer.

When legit cheating, I don't think the risk of being internal is worth it, unless you really are into visuals. Because where internals really outshine externals is in rage cheating.
17-Nov-20, 02:19
Does this mean we can go faceit without being detected with AC on?
17-Nov-20, 19:45
(17-Nov-20 02:19)d1unv Wrote:  Does this mean we can go faceit without being detected with AC on?

Not currently.
20-Nov-20, 12:42
(17-Nov-20 02:19)d1unv Wrote:  Does this mean we can go faceit without being detected with AC on?

Our cheat doesn't work for faceit and high likely won't ever do that, especially not at this price point and being public available.
You will need to find a private dev, who can built you something very custom which is pricey.
Hexui doesn't get detected by face-it though in any circumstance, it just doesn't work. So don't worry about getting banned for having Hexui on, while playing face-it with ac legit.

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