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Non existing referrer
19-Nov-20, 16:42
Hello, I wanted to purchase the cheat but after I enter my card information and click on pay I get an error saying empty string non existing referrer. Am i doing something wrong?

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20-Nov-20, 12:39
You should make a payment issue, where it's private as we might need some information to resolve this. I have forwarded it to the web-dev 6-hours ago, so hopefully very soon, he will look into it.
20-Nov-20, 16:29
ok thank you for the replies i will try another browser and if that doesn't work il wait for a fix Smile
20-Nov-20, 17:00
please report back if it doesn't work
08-Dec-20, 05:07
Ive pretty much given up on this idea and will just use the general forum for stuff thats non-horror related.

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