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I do not know exactly why I can not send pm to Menalix
29-Dec-20, 22:14
Long story, short : I need an aimbot, that is very very natural, as legit as possible. Not looking for wh or other options, strictly an aimbot, with triggerbot. The one describe in this cheat seems nice. I am writing this to you in the first place to see if there is someone active here, looking for long therm.
Thank you in advance.
In case I do not respond here, feel free to write me an email. I guess you have my email in the database.
30-Dec-20, 11:34
Hey. The aimbot is legit as possible if you set it up precisely, triggerbot too. You have reviews to see whats good or not.
31-Dec-20, 16:50
Hello, so the cheat is active? By that I mean, developer is actively working on the cheat and right after payment the cheat is ready to be set up?
Thanks in advance!
01-Jan-21, 13:36
Also is this cheat VACnet proof? How can I avoid getting banned by VACnet? I read somewhere that for example if the aim smooth is the same all the game it instantly bans you. Does hexui has some sort of settings that can bypass VACnet?
Thank you for your time
01-Jan-21, 14:37 (This post was last modified: 01-Jan-21 14:38 by TheNotoriousAWP.)
VacNET currently only detects spinbots and rage hacks, and it doesn’t instantly ban, it sends you to overwatch. So even if you were to get sent to overwatch, as long as you use legit settings, you’ll be fine. And the developer is actively working on this project yes. Currently lots of work is being put into the infrastructure of the cheat, allowing more features to come in the future Smile

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