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Cheap, no bs exe that delivers
22-Jan-21, 13:20
Now, I've been cheating on/off since CS:S with different cheats almost every time cause it's fun and I'm a curious boy so I wanna try all the cool kids hacks out like one would before settling on a vehicle/bed/a bad bitch

Only been subbing twice for 7 days, because I'm a retard that is also bad with my money, however, it's well worth those pennies.

No bullshit fancy GUI with 30 unnecessary features but a minimalist, sleek & non-hardware taxing cheat that just does what it's supposed to.
+ Easy to configure on your browser, don't miss the in game GUI's at all, not that there's any reason to. You can save multiple configs on the site and it's just as easy to switch even when you're testing stuff out. No framedrops and no errors.

Never really gotten in to using aimbots, my aim is aight but shit I'll admit I'm having lotta fun with it, even if you're just upping the FOV to 5-10 with a x2 smooth or higher it's really sharp and I haven't seen signs of malfunction or anything not caused by myself yet.

Now, the triggerbot is where it really shines, yes, I am that retard with a scout rendering enemy outfits from fit to empty in a few milliseconds every game cause I roll like that. Not much one can say about a triggerbot, if it works, it works. Aftershoot with the delay settings are essential, of course. Very nice being able to edit settings for individual weapons / weapon groups with Aimbot/RCS/Triggerbot too.

Simple but effective Glow ESP and a good sound ESP. Flawless bunny.
For the price I'd say it's unbeaten for the features hexui offers, so go get it and don't waste your rubles on russian vk blog cheats only to receive a VAC ban and probably get on a government red list while you're at it.

9/10 gotta leave that lil point just in case, ain't no 10/10 cheat but i don't see any flaws here. it doesn't claim to offer anything that it doesn't deliver, simply as that. play smart, don't get banned, everCoolCoolCoolCoolCool
22-Jan-21, 21:35
Thanks for the review Big Grin

I totally agree Smile
23-Jan-21, 15:14
Thanks for review Smile Agree
23-Jan-21, 17:12
ye many thanks Big Grin Big Grin

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