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cheat updated for new game update, sorry for the delay, wasen't aware there was a game update before 2 days after.
Paying with skin
25-Jan-21, 16:04
I have this skin (AK 47 Point Disarray MW) and it costs 23€ on steam market and it shows here that it costs 10€, why? (im trying to buy the 30 day subscription)
26-Jan-21, 08:09
I will try to explain it.

We're a company. having steam money is not very valuable to us, which is why our API uses third-party marketplaces (bitskins) where we can sell it for crypto currency and later sell crypto currency to real money.
That means some additional points:
We don't evaluate skin worth using steam marketplace, but third-party marketplace (bitskins) where price usually is lower, because it's actually convertible to an value asset which has a real purpose (crypto currency).
We use the lowest price which is right now 18-euro on bitskins for the skin you are talking about. But then we calculate bitskins fee into it approx 5%, and crypto to real money conversion fee into it which is another 5%.
Then we under value it, by I think 20-40% I'm not sure how much exactly, will talk with the payment provider later today and ask. It's also quite new this payment type so we set the undervalue percentage quite high, to get some results to evaluate later on.
We have to under value it, because we want to get it sold instantly, it sux selling a product, and having to waste time to sell the skin for a good price, which can take many weeks or even months. I'm a coder guy, I don't want to spend my time selling skins, so it's all automatized in a way where I can actually receive real money as fast as possible.
So it's not like we let you give us the skin for 10 euro's worth, and we actually sell it for way more. If you are presented as your skin is worth 10 euro, we sell it for 10 euro + 10% through bitskins, then some marketplace sharks will pick it up instant, when they see it so cheap.

If you want more value for your skin, the best way would be to sell it yourself to cryptocurrency, and then pay us in cryptocurrency.

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