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My review after a year of use
10-Mar-21, 21:48 (This post was last modified: 10-Mar-21 21:49 by zake2k.)
I'm going to be brutally honest with my experience in this because that's what everyone deserves, honesty.

So I've been a member and avid user of Hexui for over a year now and this is my experience.

Buying Hexui
So I had payment issues and Menalix and the community guided me and helped me with that issue and I was really surprised actually because most cheat developers don't really give you any help they all just kinda hand you the software and never bother responding or acknowledging you at all so it was really nice to see that a community and the developer of the cheat is willing to put everything aside to help someone so that showed me a lot.

Experience with Hexui
My experience with Hexui has been a great experience I've had an account with well over £500 spent on it and it's one of the most prized possessions and I've used and trusted Hexui so much that I'm not even bothered to double think twice about using it on my account, As you may know it's been UD for well over 4years now I believe and that isn't an exaggeration this is a fact and it's very very hard to keep a cheat UD for over 4 years especially with all of the changes it's been through so my experience is a solid 9/10, the only issue I believe I've ever had is triggerbot not working with my middle mouse button and sometimes me having to reload CS or restart my PC but in all honesty it's nothing to annoying, I've just been reloading my config and it's fixed and works perfectly after. I've also had quite a few issues with triggerbot and Menalix being the fucking legend he is coded a triggerbot tester for me and everything to make sure it would work for me and it actually did fix the issue for me and I'm very thankful for that but if you scroll down to my rating on the triggerbot it will explain more about it.

My personal opinion on the features are as followed


This is easily hands down the best external aimbot I've used on csgo, if configured correctly it can be so fucking legit looking and I believe that's what most of the community agrees upon so this gets an easy 10/10 for me.


Well what can I say about RCS it does what intended to do, never had a problem with it and I use 80-85 on all the guns and its a breeze.


Okay I've got a lot to say about the ESP. I'm the type of person to start using ESP and then not be able to switch back easily, it's like an addiction that you know where all the players are and that you can easily predict where they're going to push from and it's just it's not for me but that doesn't bring down the ESP. Back when I first bought Hexui it was straight red you couldn't change the colours but in todays ESP code it tells you who they are by the colour that the enemy is given from a match which I think is quite useful so if you want to target some fuck who is annoying you can easily do that and it's very useful and handy for a external cheat.


Don't use bunnyhop unless you want to be called out for scripting and if you were to get overwatched you'd be convicted of movement cheats but for just 1-2hops it's perfect fine and natural you've just got to have self discipline to not do anymore. 9/10


Now triggerbot for me is quite buggy and can sometimes mess up and not work all together but I'm trying to get it sorted with Menalix right now but back when I bought the cheat it was a bit buggy and as you already know he coded a custom triggerbot test for me to make sure it would work for me and it did fix the issue but recently the same issue has been occuring and I'm sure it's just a fault on my end and if it is I will keep this up but triggerbot for me has done wonders if configured correctly and tweaked for your playstyle it can be so legit looking and it's one of my main features I use for this cheat. 8/10 for me

Sound ESP
I've personally not used this feature but if you scroll through the other reviews there are plenty of peoples experiences with it. NA for rating.

Over all review.

For a cheat that costs 28euro for 3 months is quite astonishing and I believe we should thank Menalix and give him a fucking online round of applause for making our cheating experience a good one. Menalix I'm sure you're reading this but all I have to say is keep updating the cheat and I hope all is well for you while the pandemic is going on and I hope your mental health is good aswell as most people are struggling from the pandemic. So I'll say this on behalf of the entire community THANK YOU MENALIX FOR MAKING A FUCKING BEAST OF A CHEAT
10-Mar-21, 23:55
Many many thanks, the recent years have been quite harsh especially 2020. So it means a lot more then you think.
I hope you are well in this covid mess as well <3
11-Mar-21, 23:31
Couldn't agree more, really nice review Smile
13-Mar-21, 05:00

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