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Wallhack work in streaming mode (remote play) ?
15-Mar-21, 00:45
Imagine a wallhack capable of running in Streaming, it should be possible since you have to launch CSGO to be able to play Remote Play right?
That would be great, maybe it could even Bypass Faceit, you take a second computer with cheat injected, you connect in streaming to the main account, and you can see the opposing players through the walls Big Grin !
15-Mar-21, 04:56
I honestly don't know about remote play, this is the first time I hear about it, but the cheat has to be where the game is running, and that will be the pc having faceit running.
15-Mar-21, 09:33 (This post was last modified: 15-Mar-21 09:35 by ZLATANED.)
Remote play is a new feature on steam to play with someone on the same account, for example, i play on my account, i active remote play on steam, and i send my ID steam to a friend, this friend connect to my account and then he can see what i see and control my mouse to play also Smile !
Can you try to see it ? When you play with remote play csgo has to be launch, maybe you can create a cheat working on remote play csgo ?
If you can create a Wallhack working on it that's mean you can bypass Faceit bro !

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