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A question about CS:GO cheating
18-May-21, 00:12

A year ago, I quit CS:GO cheating. The game is good, but the community is what I mostly dislike a lot about the game which is actually why I stopped playing CS:GO in general. Now, I have been recently looking into CS:GO external cheats for closet cheating and legit cheating in general. But, I don't want to buy a cheat if the climate of CS:GO is at a bad state. And it usually is always in a bad state. That being said, do you guys recommend re-entering the CS:GO cheating scene? The reason I ask of this is because I do not want to invest time & money into CS:GO and CS:GO cheating in general just for it to be a waste.

18-May-21, 07:35
There is no toxicity here on Hexui. We are really known for being a NON-toxic cheat community actually. I have no idea how that have come to be. I hear lots of bad histories from other cheat communities, where members is just trashing each other and mods misusing their power. Which is something there has never occured on Hexui.
In terms of the general state of the game community as a whole, I personally don't know. I play more league of legends and track mania nowadays, but I think it really depends on who you speak and play with.
16-Jul-21, 04:46
Duplicates and number of copies for deckbuilding only care about the title. So you can only have one of the two in play, and you can duplicate whichever you played first with the other.
21-Jul-21, 05:32
That really boils down if you still enjoy the game or not. If you don't then you should leave it altogether for good.

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