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cheat updated for new game update, sorry for the delay, wasen't aware there was a game update before 2 days after.
19-May-21, 16:39 (This post was last modified: 19-May-21 16:40 by ins3ne1337.)
Hey there. I’m reseller from China. I was wondering to know how hexui is good. It’s legit and undetected? Support answering quickly? I looking for cooperation (reseller) and I need to know how this cheats is good. I just working only with legit and safe Rust, CSGO, Fortnite for example: and many more (do not want advertise anything here)

Please tell me how these hexuii hacks is good or bad?!
20-May-21, 13:39
I'm not a support member but I can vouch. 100% legit and super good imo. I like the cheat because the "menu" is not in the game, but in the website. Also it's good and made for legit cheating so there is not any ragebots etc. I have been using for almost a year and no bans yet. And yes, it is undetected.

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