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cheat updated for new game update, sorry for the delay, wasen't aware there was a game update before 2 days after.
Got some boring questions before i buy.
23-May-21, 22:15 (This post was last modified: 23-May-21 22:22 by 0x1Hen.)
Hello gents. I used this cheat five years ago, And forgot it existed. Thus forgetting my old accounts login ( if ever existed, Please don't ban me Cool )

Does the glow have visible only? I couldn't see it being listed anywhere, And assumed it doesn't exist. But i want to ask just to be sure.

Why is there no real time ac checker?

And my last question is whether its possible to see the difference between builds? ( << Got this from Bithax blur the name please if its forbidden to mention other cheats)

I also wonder why people without subs cant change their pfp

Thanks for the help!
27-Jun-21, 12:44
So Ive been playing TMNF for a couple years but Ive just decided to upload some replays to youtube and I was wondering what the best codecs to use are and also how to get audio recorded to. I also just realized that their is this Sunrise or Extreme version of TM and Im just wondering what the difference is between this and TMNF...So yeah thanx for the help
30-Jun-21, 16:50
what do you mean by real time ac checker? like ac updates live checker?

The way you are showing the difference in build on the picture, seems very unreliable, and I don't get why it show sizes as hexdecimal

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