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New cheat and client update 26/11/22:
Cheat updated 03/11/22 fixed rcs down not activating at start + targetting, smooth and perfomance optimazations.
how to open
12-Jun-21, 18:48
cant open it for some reason or what button opens the cheat
28-Jun-21, 17:38
its external, go to control panel and cloud settings. you can click on anyones profile and check out their settings if you cant make your own
14-Jun-22, 13:11
Hi guys, i want to open a server, i hab read a few how to dos and watched a tutorial on youtube, but it dont works.
i changed the serverconfig.exe and opened the port, but when i start the server, i cant see the server on Start, when i trie to play in the server o:

what did i do wrong? pls help me :
Bye, Rolli
26-Dec-22, 19:10

You should create FTP connection in the File Explorer,
and after that You will be able to open any file there by double click.

Codelobster Team.

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