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03-Aug-21, 02:29
Hello everyone, I communicate with you through a translator and I do not understand a lot, I would be very glad if you said that at the moment the cheat is relevant and it bypasses faceit, what are the pros and cons, I just thought to buy in a couple of days
03-Aug-21, 02:33
only face it without client use. there is no public sold cheats on the internet who bypasses faceit client ac.
03-Aug-21, 13:36
Sorry, maybe I'm stupid, but in theory it can bypass faceit without using a client? Well, I will not ask about bypassing other protection, I think your software copes with this with a bang, I also heard you have not been detected for 3 years already, and what is the last question and I will leave you alone when I pay for a subscription, let's say for 30 days, then I get access to the cheat, and setting it up through the browser? And thank you very much for answering me

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