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Why Hexui is the BEST legit cheat in the universe
12-Sep-21, 00:14 (This post was last modified: 12-Sep-21 00:16 by Jeysan.)
Hey guys, today i will review and compare Hexui. I will be comparing Hexui and an alternative external cheat.

So there is a cheat named which is also external and has 'good' security. They advertise the cheat by showing a strange test that they call ''The humanizer'' Its about moving your mouse from spot to spot and after 10 seconds you get the 'best' settings for you.
I was kinda baited by this feature and I tried to get permission for the cheat (The cheat is semi-private)
First I looked at the rules of the forum and they were HILARIOUS xD
I won't say all the rules but one of them was playing in a Minecraft server in order to not lose permission to the cheat that you have paid for.
I sent an application describing my country and operating system. I waited around 20 hours until someone actually saw It. The main developer replied with a pasted message, saying that I needed to provide her with my ID card (The developer is a woman).
I sent my ID with most of the things blurred out and I waited for another five hours while she was online ALL OF THE TIME. I got concerned and asked if I got rejected. THAT BIT*H PERMA BANNED ME AFTER 10 SECONDS. The ban reason was a link that is a goolge search of how to be patient and why it is good to be patient. The community of the cheat is also BS full of 200kg anime fans with pictures of underage girls. The cheat package featured cheats for games that died 25 years ago and it costed 100$ lifetime. One of the main cheats is marked with 'KERNEL' protection, but the .exe is named csgo cheat (you can't rename it) It also renames the steam process which I'm sure is detected AS FUC* and lowers your trustfactor. You also have to use a vac disabler that will for sure lower your trustfactor and It's just a matter of time until your account gets untrusted banned. The features are ridiculous since you have to build 95% of the cheat with lua scripts. They say that the aimbot is not a real aimbot, but a humanizer (that is because they can't develop a proper aimbot) Hexui visuals may seem bad but they are 100 times better when compared to also the cheat has 'stream-proof' visuals that will need a 3090TI in order to run in 24fps. Not to mention that you will need to reinstall your windows to a specific build so the fu**ing cheat will run. They say that their cheat doesn't have a fov and smoothness factor, they use them but you just can't see them in the options. Some of the testimonials also have said that it was extremely hard for them to play with the cheat (most of the posts get banned in seconds). I'm also not sure if is a registered company since they don't provide a VAT number (The site is hosted In California)


Hexui has great protection since it doesn't have unnecessary features and STUPID injecting methods. Even 95% of the anti-virus software don't even recognize it. It has not been detected from like 6 years! was detected in 2018 when most of the free cheats were detected (It was paid during that time) I personally think it got detected because their injecting method that was pasted from wikipedia after watching a 8 year old tutorial video on Youtube.
I'm sure MenalixHeart is a REAL software engineer and developer unlike most providers that paste a cheat after learning how to start your own website using notepad.

Hexui has a great AIMBOT that actually made my aim better after using it for 2 weeks. i give it 1000/1000

Hexui has great wallhack because it feels natural and won't lag your game. I give it 1000/1000 I think that even if valve take screenshots they wont see it.

Hexui has nice radarhack, it show when a player has been spotted (That is a feature you won't see using 99% of the providers) 1000/1000

Hexui has godlike security since most of the anticheats are bypassed (If you want to cheat on FaceIt you will need a minimum of 1500 US$ just to get banned after a few days) I like how the developer doesn't share all the security information, because other providers or even VAC can profit from It. I rate the security 960/1000 because of the sound when you launch the game, I'm pretty sure that those sounds can get recorded and recognized by the VAC, but VALVE is not that advanced now. I suggest that there should be added an option that stops this sound from playing.

Hexui has the greatest price for a cheat of this level. 30 days cost just 14eur that melts to around 5eur after Danish tax. 1000/1000 buy before the price gets higher.

Hexui doesn't affect your trust factor because it is TRULY undetected.
Other cheats are detected but valve won't ban you if you spend a lot of money for their games and items. Therefore you get banned if you don't spend enough (The reason popular pros and streamers don't get banned) Also I'm pretty sure that valve know if you are using alt accounts to cheat. They have developed an advanced AI system to recognize if you are playing or not. This is not he only way they know. This can sound ridiculous but they used professional psychologists in order to create their system. Lets not forget that It's an American MULTI-BILLION company ruled by a man that probably has mental problems like other Billionaires.

So why to chose Hexui? Well I'm pretty sure it will never be detected since it gets updated often. I'm also pretty sure that valve don't give a f*ck about this cheat since they can't detect it. Most people thinks that is the safest cheat but it is not. Their invite system is pretty bad since the invite may be given to a Valve or Ex-Valve employee.

Fun Fact: Forsaken used and got exposed after a couple weeks.

Believe me there are tier 2 and tier 3 pro players that use Hexui. I have played professionally and most of the tournaments don't even have an anticheat, you just enter the ip and join.

PS: I'm sure Menalix will agree to most of the things I said as he is a developer that thinks deeply just like me.


Greetings from BULGARIA!
18-Sep-21, 03:12
Nice review! Been using fantasy about 1-2 years and its fine tho. I love hexui more cuz I'm not really 'skilled' in csgo xD
20-Sep-21, 05:43 (This post was last modified: 20-Sep-21 05:47 by daniell.)
Thanks for the good review!
I agree about most of the points. Although, as a software dev student I'd say that the sound is the only way to know wether the injection is succeed or failed (you get a different beep-sound if the there's an injection error as i remember, which is a great and smart method rather than exposing a window on ur screen. It's more intelegent in my own opinion).

I use hexui on my main account and I'm global elite on 2 different accs with over 6k hours on csgo. I use wh when the enemies are walling and prefiring otherwise I don't bother playing on the radar which gives a quite enough info about the enemies. But I never use aimbot and i dont even have a setting for it in my config cuz if it ain't blatant to valve then it's at least obv to your opponents and friends sometimes and that gives you lower respect as a player. I believe that hexui bypasses vacnet but still it feels more worth it to develope my own aiming-skills rather than having a bot leading my spread to the enemy's bones. And I most likely never meat "aimbotters" quite much for the reason that I never use it (i guess). I personally believe the aimbot generally in any cheat might effect your trust score somehow <<not trust factor, but trust score>> so that the game will match you with other players having green trust factor "but with aimbot shots sometimes".
When it comes to the WH secion, I'm in love with the colored glow on the enemies which is super unique! it's awesome that the glow ain't visible all time and that the color gets "neutral-pale" when the enemies are visible which makes you actually improve ur skills by hitting legit on the agent skin instead of hitting on a glow or esp.

I believe in Mena's security and that's why I use Hexui on my main with both expensive account and inventory. I wish Mena would be able to keep us updated with more security warnings about vac waves or any other security tips for full protection cuz losing my acc would cause me to quit cs forever. I play cs since 2001, and the global offensive since 2016. I've used a lot of different cheats before and I have a sub to a good private (invite only cheat - not skeet tho) but still I use only hexui because of the intelligence of the product and the protection for sure Smile
When it comes to the price, it feels personally fair for the few quantity of features that hexui has. But I wouldn't really bother paying a little increasement concidering the protection that hexui offers.

Thanks Mena for a great product! ♥
21-Sep-21, 11:25
Thank you all, I actually shared this on my insta, I love when customers put of the time for looong reviews, makes me happy Big Grin <3
22-Sep-21, 20:43
(21-Sep-21 11:25)Menalix Wrote:  Thank you all, I actually shared this on my insta, I love when customers put of the time for looong reviews, makes me happy Big Grin <3
Thanks for replying MENA! I'm happy that you enjoyed my review!
Feel free to contact me in case you need someone to test something (even for a long period of time)
Have a nice daySmile

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