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Questions before buying
16-Sep-21, 01:01
I currently own styles and have always played with it, on my main without issue for years, but I've grown bored of it for the delays in updates and some other issues. And I wanted something else to play with. Now I know that Hexui has been detected only once (VMT update I believe?) and nowadays is one of the safest cheats you can use.
However I have knowledge of another cheat that has a perfect record of 0 detections, but its a bit too costly in my opinion. What I want to know is, for me that plans on playing with friends with a high tier account and streaming a bit, is it worth jump boats to hexui?
16-Sep-21, 11:38
Never heared of styles. We were not detected by an update, but the fact Valve got mad when I leaked an employee's gmail inbox on unknowncheats, so they went ham on us to make a signature based detection.

I think Hexui is worth it, you can always try with 9-days at first.

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