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First impressions
23-Sep-21, 22:26
So far I have liked the cheat as its not "intrusive" in your gameplay, and you can easily configure it so you are not mindlessly pressing keys and actually putting some effort.


As of yet I have some uid issue and cant figure out completely yet how to get it exactly as I want, and the aimbot having RCS by default is kind of meh, hopefully they get separated at a later date, otherwise it works as intended and outperforms most cheats I tried in the past.


Having box esp would be great, but the glow works just fine, having it set different colors for different players is also cool. Having a option to highlight a "high value target" with a white glow would be cool.


It is what it is, having it by default on the aimbot is a bit wonky but you get used to it, standalone is something I never used in any cheat, so don't have much to say, it probably has the same high standard as the rest to the cheat


it shoots, doesn't shoot perfectly how I want yet, but that's probably because I'm a dumdum

Sound esp

Its fun if you have a mother board to split you audio input, if you now what I mean

Overall is a good cheat to play around with and make some frags, I'm sure I'll grow to love it as I get used to it, and hopefully so does you fellow wannabuyer

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