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[Info] hCaptcha and Plausible
29-Dec-21, 03:04
I've integrated hCaptcha for user registration. Before we were using reCaptcha v2, which was neither sufficient at stopping bots as a few slips by, and comes with a privacy concern in my eyes, literally everything made by google has privacy concerns, which is why I did not choose to go with reCaptcha v3 as an upgrade but rather change for hCaptcha.

I've been looking for an alternative to google analytics for a while as well, as we haven't run analytics scripts on Hexui for some years due to the privacy concern of using google analytics. Now I have implemented, which is a privacy-oriented analytics tool.

I think it's a concern many cheat providers rely on web tools which is privacy invasive, we do not do that at Hexui.

There has also been some minor website fixes, some broken internal links, and some stuff on the forum, like the upper navigation showing "Forum \ Public Section \ News \" which was misplaced and ugly before.

For other updates, I think the cheat is quite stable as it is. But it's a goal to move onto .NET 6 as there is some performance gains.
31-Dec-21, 22:16
+1 good guy mena

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