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Protection question
10-Feb-22, 15:46
Is the cheat in Kernel or User mode ? Just I need to know
10-Feb-22, 23:22
User-mode only till we find a reliable way to keep a driver safe from 3rd party ac’s.
All “kernel” cheats is btw a mix of kernel and user mode.

Our cheat uses a trust-factor measure to distribute modules between customers, as main security.

So let’s say person A, buys for the first time, a trial sub, and using vpn = he then gets a module generated from our low trust module gen algo.

We started doing this after our last detection in 2016, 6-years ago, and have never been detected since.

I want a driver though to support driver ac’s. But for Valve it is unnecessary and for many just a lazy solution. Valve only rely on VACnet nowadays anyways, so a driver won’t help.

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