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23-Feb-22, 12:20
hello, i ordered the cheats and the money is tansfered from my bank account, and i cant download the program. and on the top right of my screen it says "no sub"

can u help me?
23-Feb-22, 14:02
Our payment provider had a clog in their system, is solved now.
23-Feb-22, 14:42
(23-Feb-22 14:02)Menalix Wrote:  Our payment provider had a clog in their system, is solved now.

it says there is a virus in the download, is it safe to download?
23-Feb-22, 16:41
Would be really stupid to have a virus in, our company information is public:

Stengade 51 B,
3000 Helsingør (Elsinore)
VAT: 37198587

I'm not interrested in serving prison time for infecting customer pc's.
I'm interrested in providing a product which is worth the money you spent. Then we are both happy, and we might continue to make each other happy for a long time if you stay a customer like some have chosen to Smile

Anti-Virusses use abstract ways to detect malware technics, in order to detect malware they are yet to know.
Our client uses code-encryption, most anti-virus can see scan time that we will invoke a routine which will decrypt on load and flag that. Many programs use this to protect intellectual property "crack prevention" for hiding their code logic, but malware does to, legit software will fingerprint their software with a digital signature, so AV's doesn't flag them, if we fingerprint our software the same way, Valve will detect us, as then our software has Hexui written on it.

So we get flagged by abstract detection measures because we want to hide our code-logic, but we also don't want to give away who we are in our software by digitally signing it, which is alike to malware vendors, they obviously don't want to digitally sign malware either, cause it's illegal what they do. Instead we are transparent here on our website with who we are, when we can't be it in our software.
That means if our software were to contain malicious illegal stuff, you can easily file a police report against us.

Beside that it's actually only our client which gets flagged, which is only used for log-in and downloading the cheat module and then it exits, so whitelisting/excluding the client is fine. The cheat itself run-time does not need to be excluded/whitelisted, as it does not use code-encryption or other malware alike technics.

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