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Updated input hook, to prevent it from crashing (9/7-2024)
No BS HeXui Review
10-Aug-22, 10:55
Welcome to my No BS HeXui Review!

Aimbot, RCS & Triggerbot:

The Aimbot and RCS works very well. I recommend strongly that you do take the time to adjust the settings to your liking. All in all the Aimbot and RCS is very reliable and looks incredibly legitimate. I think you will find that if you have used any other cheats in the past that this one may feel better in regards to the aim assistance it provides.

Not once have I been called out for hacking or having Aimbot but I guess this would vary from person to person given the settings used and also the experience playing CS:GO. I would rate the Aimbot & RCS a 10/10.

I unfortunately do not use the Triggerbot as I feel as if I do not need it, however I have tried it before to try its functionality and it works as expected so I will easily give the Triggerbot a 10/10.

Glow ESP:

There is a simple Glow ESP however it seems to be detected which means it will leas to VAC destroying your account. There has been a Trust Factor Safe Mode created to prevent the use of the Glow ESP therefore making sure no one gets banned and I one hundred percent recommend that everyone uses this feature.

When I first bought a HeXui subscription years ago I did test the Glow ESP and it worked as expected, pretty much the same as any other Glow ESP. Nowadays I do not use ESP at all as I believe it changes the way you play meaning that overtime you may slip up and receive an OW Ban. Even though I do not use Glow ESP currently I give it a 10/10.

Sound ESP:

Oh my, what a beautiful world we live in! Thankfully, HeXui has this awesome feature called Sound ESP, this feature allows you to have all the benefits of ESP without the risk. When someone is nearby it will trigger a slight beeping sound, as they get closer it will change in pitch and speed which means that you will without having any VISUAL ESP know pretty much exactly where and when you are about to come up on an enemy player.

I have never seen this feature in any other cheat and it blows my mind. I have been using this nonstop and I have never been accused of wall hacking, it is the perfect solution for closet cheaters, there is nothing better than this! For this section I will rate it a 10/10.


This is essentially a Bunny Hop feature, works like a charm 10/10.


Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe this cheat has not been detected since 2017. Not only that but HeXui is undetected on other anti-cheat software. When it comes to HeXui not only can I put my faith in the security of the cheat but I also feel safe using it. I give the security a 10/10.


I have used many cheats both free, public and private. However when it comes to HeXui this is my personal favourite for closet cheating, I would recommend that if you are planning on closet cheating then look no further, this is the cheat for you.

I give HeXui an overall 11/10.
10-Aug-22, 14:17
Nice Review! Big Grin
10-Aug-22, 23:34
(10-Aug-22 14:17)TheNotoriousAWP Wrote:  Nice Review! Big Grin

Thank you!
22-Aug-22, 12:21
Very nice review
23-Aug-22, 18:06
thank you very much

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