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Ended my 9 days subscription
09-Sep-22, 18:46 (This post was last modified: 09-Sep-22 18:48 by ofek420.)
I have been playing csgo from day one
always with legit cheats, I like to play with cheats xD
I saw this website recommended on Reddit and I feel the courage to buy this one and try it
I can tell it was wonderful !!

AIMBOT 10/10 - one of the most legit ones I use if not the most, maybe you don't have 100 different options and configurations, but it's very very very easy to use

RCS - 9/10 - easy and powerful and ill give it -1 only because I wanted a few more options to use in RCS (like hit rate or it will stop after X shots)

Sound Esp - 10/10 do exactly as it said

and that all the features I use
today my subscription end and I am going to buy soon the 1 month pack
thank you so much
09-Sep-22, 22:53
Nice review Smile
10-Sep-22, 01:49
(09-Sep-22 22:53)TheNotoriousAWP Wrote:  Nice review Smile

I using your config with a very few modifications xD
really nice one

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