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[Info] Cheat and Client update
26-Oct-22, 19:26
OBS: Disable Write Memory over Sendinput


1. Updated to be able to parse new setting options to module
2. Fixed a module decryption issue


1. Added "Write Memory Over SendInput" setting, checking this mean the cheat uses write memory and not input messages to carry out actions such as adjsuting viewangles. Right now only SendInput works and that should be prefered to use.

2. Added "Aimbot RCS" settings, RCS on aimbot can now be configured independently from standalone rcs,
if the vertical Aimbot RCS compensation is set to 0, the aimbot will not adjust the vertical angle but only horizontal.
This has been a wish for long for players who don't play with recoil and dont want it auto activated with aimbot.
Or players who want to compensate for only half the recoil for a more legit look, and let aimbot vertical angle then be free.

3. BoxESP
Not ready yet, should hopefully be ready before 28. November. Will be streamproof

4. Adjusted input hook conflicts with our own simulated input messages causing misbehavior and performance issues.

5. Optimized triggerbot a little, might get a complete re-work soon

6. Auto disables windows mouse acceleration since it messes with SendInput

7. Removed:
Flash Reduction
Radar Hack
Trustfactor Safe Mode

These features could cause untrusted unless trustfactor safe mode was enabled, now trust factor safe mode is not there anymore, not needed.

Bhop remains inactive as of now due to a vac update,
27-Oct-22, 13:59
Will add a feature as well to RCS in a bit called "down only" which only compensates downwards which looks more legit.
25-Apr-23, 17:44
05-May-23, 03:44
i cant use the app its says virus everytime i open it
28-Sep-23, 12:17
(05-May-23 03:44)unchain Wrote:  i cant use the app its says virus everytime i open it

Disable it or add it on whitelist.
29-Sep-23, 15:01
(05-May-23 03:44)unchain Wrote:  i cant use the app its says virus everytime i open it

because we don't strong name sign our software, cause signing software is not a good idea against anti-cheats. But it does provide windows a way to verify an application comes from a legit entity, so without it, they get mad

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