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[Info] Pricing updated
04-Nov-22, 00:10
Pricing has been reduced due to the absence of visual esp for the time being, when ESP is done prices will be slightly increased again, to reach medium of current price and old price.:

Will start to work on Box ESP now, I think I have sorted everything out with new aimbot and rcs functionality.

Write Memory option is still not functional any option defaults to SendInput.
Non distance scaled fov, is also not activated, defaults to distance scaled.
Both options might actually be removed as I'm starting to consider not adding them.

Currently my main objective that this cheat will continue to never have trust issues, like most other cheats is affected by currently. That is why Box ESP is taking a little more time, as I want to test the actual consequences of a full-screen overlay. VAC can easily find a topmost overlayed window, but they cannot distinguish it between a legit and unlegit application, question is if it still plays a trust factor role, and what other options there is, to visually indicate where players are.
05-Nov-22, 00:59 (This post was last modified: 05-Nov-22 01:00 by imadara.)
Bruh mena , i was planning to buy it for 360 days after this one expires . I have to pay extra when the esp will be available or whatsoever ?

Btw, hexui is the best one so far among the ones i used before . Best security <3
28-Dec-22, 15:13
Cant wait for esp update Big Grin we really need some visuals

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