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Updated cheat (14/7-2024) showthread.php?tid=21095
Short review
28-Jan-23, 11:36
Best choice as i know & heard,i had no problems
I love that my trust is not affected by cheat

Best aimbot from external cheats marketplace, i still have to improve my settings on some weapons.
I would love to see a trigger-magnet in future(Would be very usefull for pistols&snipers)

Doing RCS things,i would love to have option to make rcs enabling after X amount of bullets fired(of maybe there is but im blind)

Sound ESP
Great, i love it, frustrating when i play vs blatant cheaters and i cant see them but we are a legit cheat so nothing to complain,this function for legit cheating is GOLD.

-Best external cheat for legit cheating & one of the best from entire market.
-Good price

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