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cheat updated for new game update, sorry for the delay, wasen't aware there was a game update before 2 days after.
03-Mar-23, 20:43
Any news on ESP??
04-Mar-23, 12:29
ye I finally have bought a laptop and can work from my other work, so probably next weekend.
04-Mar-23, 15:42
Thanks Mena. All the best. looking forward to it.
06-Mar-23, 20:14
Go for it Mena! Ez for you Smile Heja heja! chinese
28-Mar-23, 13:46
Any news on the matter ?
30-Mar-23, 10:37
Not really since CS2 is coming out, I think it's a waste for now, and I'm still in a thought phase of how I'll do it, since I think players playstyle alters a lot around ESP, which makes the AI easyier at picking the cheat up, and analyzing our aimbot and such, so I'm considering what to do about that, I think it might end up as esp will be hold on key activated only.
02-Apr-23, 20:12
It is a big disadvantage against other cheaters to play without wh as your reaction time is far below their. I would prefer no aimbot but wh.
03-Apr-23, 12:10
I think ESP on key is the best, most legit and will be used only for getting some info.

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