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Got banned and cant use ur faceit cheat
10-Mar-23, 14:47 (This post was last modified: 11-Mar-23 19:33 by Suikse2.)
Hi, Mena or any mods I Just bought cheat and i opened it like in the video. After 1 faceit game i closed it like in the video. After 2h i wanted to play faceit again i open the cheat and its says my account is banned. I dont know what is wrong or idk. My old user was Suikse. Dont tell me i lost 5 euros.I hope i can get unbanned. Thank you. Or any mod that can unban me
15-Mar-23, 22:20
It's not being discarded, it's being put into your discard pile, and so it doesn't trigger and you can't get a Gold. The online implementation handles it correctly.

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