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31-Mar-23, 10:49
Just got back to using cheats now after a huge break from csgo. I've cheated alot back in 2014-2016 with both hexui and other internal cheats.

UI: I really like the web interface to change settings and store presets. Though i do defently like ingame menu more for fast smooth or fov adjustments. As i have many screens its not that big of an issue but if you only have one screen, it will be annoying to change settings mid game if you need to "toggle up". The pros with the web interface is that it is easier to understand, more info and just better to use overall.

Aimbot: I've been playing around with the aimbot alot but still haven't found a sweetspot yet, but it is defently potent. Its abit meh with pistols compared to internals ive tested but thats mostly because my aim suck. It seems like you really need to crank the smoothness down to get good 1taps with pistols but with that it doesn't look 100% legit compared to internals. With m4/ak it is super good though.

I have not tested the triggerbot.

RCS is super strong. When paired with aimbot the aim looks abit odd when the aimbot locks on mid spray, its like the smoothness isn't there or something. So you need to tone down the RCS if you want to look super legit spraying.

Sound ESP is super nice when you get used to it, eventhough i liked it alot more back in the day as with the antiwalls valve came with 2017(?) players jump in and out of the beeping alot so it is really hard to make a visual in your mind where they are sometimes. But it makes you atleast alert.

No ESP atm while writing this so can't comment that.

Overall i really enjoy this cheat, and it is super cheap for what you get. I was like GN4 legit. Bought this and in 10 days i am SMFC and still topfragging with in my eyes legit playstyle.

TLDR; Buy it, don't over think it.

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