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About Counter-Strike 2
29-Apr-23, 09:21 (This post was last modified: 29-Apr-23 09:22 by taylor0031.)
1. When Counter-Strike 2 is released, will it be playable with the current cheats version?

2. If not, are there any plans to develop CS2 cheats?

3. When the CS2 cheats are released, will people who already subscribed to the CS:GO cheats be able to use the CS2 cheats for free?

I ask because I'm looking to purchase a 1-year subscription now, and CS2 will be released in the summer of 2023.
16-May-23, 12:22
1. It'll prob be updated
2. it'll prob be updated
3. Prices will probably go up if we assume that valve updated their ac
22-May-23, 22:12
1. the cheat will need to be updated, and will be updated.
2. yes we of course will continue to support the newest cs title, as it's an update to global offensive.
3. yes they will.

Prices will increase when we support CS2, but only slightly, due to ESP will be added again.

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