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HexUI in 2023
17-Jul-23, 14:56
After many years of break I remembered about hexui. I would like to ask in what state is the cheat currently? Is the coder still active? Is it still VAC Undected? Is it not lowering trustfactor?
17-Jul-23, 17:24 (This post was last modified: 17-Jul-23 17:24 by bobita99.)
Undetected, no trustfactor problems & mena is alive
19-Jul-23, 11:16
Like Bobita says, undetected and no trustfactor or ow issues. I'm alive, but not nearly as active, since I'm just waiting for cs2 to release. But plans looks a bit like this:

1. Port to CS2
2. Change the input catch method, to a faster and more efficient method.
3. Fingerprint client in a better way, to prevent AV issues and issues getting client running.
4. Maybe add ESP depending on the state of VAC.

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