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New cheat and client update 26/11/22:
Cheat updated 03/11/22 fixed rcs down not activating at start + targetting, smooth and perfomance optimazations.
Hexui Honest Review 2023
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I used a lot of cheat for a really long time before I came across hexui in 2016. perfectaim,aimware,x22cheat,aimjunkies, ETC I thought all these cheat would never be detected at the time when I didn't know anything about them,

but most of them were detected and my accounts were smashed and I had to find a safe cheat and I tried hexui and firstly I felt safe because it is an external cheat.

Someone said that internal cheat can be safer than external cheat, depending on the quality of the developer, but I still don't prefer internal cheat

Second, Menalix is a very reasonable and smart person. Among the many cheat providers, those who choose hexui have one thing in common: they are all focused on being undetectable and safe, and Menalix is also currently focusing more on essential system maintenance and security than new features and performance.

aimbot still has problems. Through Walls When off, if an enemy moves behind a wall, your aim will follow behind the wall for a very short period of time, and aimbot will not work until the screen return complete to normal after being hit by the flash. Aimbot does not work when only the enemy leg are cover by smoke

I think this is unavoidable since Menalix minimizes code.

So, since there are cases like this, I turn on Through Wall and use Smooth on high to correct it to some extent with my own hands.

In 2016-2017, aimbot and Triggerbot could be used together with a bind key like Triggerbot, but now it's not possible. I think it's because of security issues. Triggerbot on its own is perfect

RCS has a problem with Vertical If turn it 100%up, sometimes the screen gets very shaky Otherwise, it's fine

Sound ESP
It's ordinary. sometimes ordinary is the best

Visual Box ESP & Bhop
I am very critical about this why use this? I don't want new features and good performance. This shit need to be thrown out. if I wanted powerful performance,many features,new features I would have used other internal cheats not hexui. I think it's better to just keep the current system and pay attention to security

no matter how safe it is because it is an external cheat, there is no doubt that it affects security. In any case, no one knows whether box esp is safe because it is a new attempt by hexui. i dont like gambling

External cheat
high level security
reasonable price
What more need? Don't hesitate to buy HEXUI.

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[Image: weRjejE.jpg]
06-Sep-23, 14:01
How good is it to use perfectaim.I want to try multihack
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(06-Sep-23 13:01)xzsplus Wrote:  How good is it to use perfectaim.I want to try multihack

their security isn't what it used to be - they seem to be consistently detected once a year or once every two year, dont try bruh
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ok thanks

I use hexui to play 5eplay.For mm I always use midnight.I want to try new cheats that's so intersting

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