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New cheat and client update 26/11/22:
Cheat updated 03/11/22 fixed rcs down not activating at start + targetting, smooth and perfomance optimazations.
07-Sep-23, 14:39
Does this work on cs2?
07-Sep-23, 16:02
07-Sep-23, 16:26
This weekend or next week will be working on cs2
07-Sep-23, 22:51 (This post was last modified: 07-Sep-23 22:52 by znlwmab001.)
(07-Sep-23 14:39)TwisTed575 Wrote:  Does this work on cs2?

He's working on it and said "I should be able to finish this by sunday" so wait.
[Image: weRjejE.jpg]
09-Sep-23, 20:19
let me know if its done i'll get the sub Tongue
12-Sep-23, 08:28
(07-Sep-23 16:26)bobita99 Wrote:  This weekend or next week will be working on cs2
Could you pm me i cant send you a pm either pm on here or disc - DaddyG#7284
16-Sep-23, 16:52
I'm a long time sub, I guess Mena will send a little message or post something when it's updated.
17-Sep-23, 01:30 (This post was last modified: 17-Sep-23 01:30 by aptDima.)
Let me know too, when u finish it, I want to buy sub too
18-Sep-23, 21:00 (This post was last modified: 18-Sep-23 21:00 by hexfest.)
Me too waiting to sub again when CS2 is out

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