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Hexui Review + Help
12-Oct-23, 18:21 (This post was last modified: 12-Oct-23 18:24 by hufjack.)
Hello Forum,

I am an avid reader of the forum, I do not like to make a presence but I feel if I want to help others and I should at least share my knowledge.

I have been using hexui for around 5-6 months now and I have 0 PROBLEMS. I have been playing CS:GO (now CS2) for 9-10 years and have full confidence in this cheat's ability to meet my needs.

As a legit cheater, I keep my options that are toggled on to a minimum. I use vertical recoil at 50-60% and horizontal at 30-40% and keep aimbot smoothness up high to prevent snaps. I have never used triggerbot as I have never felt the need and at a rank/skill level like mine, it becomes very obvious if used improperly. I will help any and all players with configs/settings if you would like me to. I was a global elite player in CS:GO (I was supreme even before finding hexui) and I currently am pushing for over 11-13k elo on premier on CS2.

I welcome any and all members, from all skill levels and I am super happy to be apart of this community.

Thank you,

edit: (link to my config:

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