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Cheat undetected right now
21-Oct-23, 16:24 (This post was last modified: 21-Oct-23 16:25 by pipplarnEZPZ.)

A couple of questions if I may!

Is the product page up to date and are all functions listed here working and supported? hexui dot com/cheats/cs2/

Is the cheat undetected right now and available?
What should I know as an customer about external cheats from only previously using internal cheats? What are the differences and why is this informed to customers?
21-Oct-23, 18:06
Yes all functions listed are working.

Yes it's undetected and available.

External cheats does not re-side inside the game. This means they have to access game data using remote process calls, which have a tendency to be a little slower, and also mean external cheats is more limited feature wise as without directly access from inside there's restrictions to what we can do. The positive side is externals doesn't get detected 24/7, it's very easy to detect internal cheats in general, they do a lot of things to the game inside. Some externals also use memory manipulation though, but at Hexui we don't, we only read game's memory, we never touch it.

In short: You are usually safer picking an external cheat, but you'll also have a more limited feature set, rage-hacking doesn't go well hand in hand with an external cheat, so it's more for legit cheating. Internal cheats tends to be more unsafe, but there is a few set of providers who are good at staying undetected because they proactive analyze valve's anti-cheat 24/7 one of those would be black.sector

An analogy could be. Imagine you are inside someone's house, and you want to turn on a light, whenever the kitchen water tap is running, you can just attach an electrical switch to the handle. Our light would then turn on pretty immediate, but it's also quite easy to see someone attached something to the water tap.
We could also do it from outside the house, setting up a camera live-recording the water tap, and turn our light on based of that with some image recognition tech, that will have an increased delay, but is harder to detect, we haven't attached anything to the water tap, or been inside the house and left traces.
21-Oct-23, 18:40
Thank you for your quick and detailed response!

Is there anyway for me to contact you in a non-public section for some questions better fitting there? I can't PM you on this website because I have too low post count. Smile
21-Oct-23, 21:07
Feel free to add me on discord @menalix

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